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Why calibrate your surface plates? Check out these images of "wear spots" on surface plates that are invisible to the naked eye. The images provide a snap-shot view of the beginning, middle, and end of the lapping process.

Calibration and Resurfacing of Granite Surface plates

At Optimal Calibration, three precision instruments are used in conjunction with one another to determine the accuracy of a given surface plate. The Repeat-O-Meter is the instrument that is used to check the repeatability, or small wear spots that occur from normal everyday use. These small wear spots are often the result of the constant sliding of your parts and/or measuring gages along the surface of your granite plate. Both the Planekator and Autocollimator are the instruments used to check the overall flatness or corner to corner flatness of a surface plate. Using these particular instruments the technicians at Optimal Calibration are able to determine the profile of a given surface plate. According to Federal Specifications GGG-P-463c, each surface plate must pass both the repeatability and overall flatness test in order to be legally certified. The allowed tolerance of a surface plate is defined by its size and grade.

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Additional Capabilities

Are you in need of additional calibration services? Optimal Calibration has established very strong relationships with other calibration companies that have the ability to handle all of your calibration needs. Please feel free to inquire about any other services you may require.

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